Another milestone on our #Solar journey. First generation day over 50 kWh. Looking forward to many more of these as we get into summer, and can’t wait for a 100 kWh day 🤞 #GreenEnergy

Solar energy production graph showing 52.1 kWh of generation and 30.5 kWh of usage. For a single family home in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Bill came in today for our first full month of #Solar. Our microgeneration covered not quite half of the usage that we pulled from the grid. Hopefully this next bill will be better as we get into longer days and less chances of snow covering panels. #greenenergy

Screen shot showing electric bill with 660 kWh of usage and 248 kWh of microgeneration credit

The kids went to a movie on Friday and came home with Popeyes Candy Sticks. I’m really kind of surprised they still make them with all the smoking connotations they have.

popeyes candy sticks

Posted another thing on thingiverse today, just a quick remix of a Raspberry Pi case to allow mounting a fan to try to keep my pi cool during octolapse renderings.
#3DPrinting #octoprint

We’ll it was bound to happen eventually with the kids playing ball hockey constantly out in front. #HomeOwner

cracked hiuse window from impact with a street hockey ball

New generation record for our solar system yesterday 43.6 kWh or 42.5 kWh depending on what monitoring system I trust more (probably the 42.5 as it’s taking readings on 15s intervals vs 5m). Can’t wait for the days to get longer and see the results. #solar #GreenEnergy

solar power generation graph showing 43.6kwh of generation for Feb 27 2023

Not a bad result from this Sunday bread bake. First loaves from the new sourdough starter I got from Kensington Sourdough. #baking #bread

2 loaves of fresh sourdough bread cooling on a hutcher block counter top.

Woot finalized my submission for the government grant and loan program. Now the final wait begins. #solar #greenebergy #solarenergy