Posted my first self designed 3D model on Thingiverse it’s nothing too impressive but it feels good after printing alot of other peoples designs to make something 100% original.

Date night in dinner.
Seared dingle peninsula scallops basted w/ basil butter.
Crab cakes w/ home made roasted garlic aioli.
Salad w/ blueberry goat cheese and elderberry balasmic.
COVID has taken restaurants away from us but doesn’t mean with have to miss out on good food.

I’m really torn about seeing the new Ant-Man movie. I loved the first 2 but knowing Evangeline Lilly is a anti vaxxer really makes me not want to support it.

@manton @help any reason with crossposted posts to mastodon that they’re getting truncated similarly to twitter? Mastodon seems to support long form posts so it would be nice if the full content could be posted.

Finally got my 15% pre-payment loan amount from the Greener Homes Program ( Timeline so far:
Application: Aug 17
Initial Contact from Inspector: Aug 11
Inspection: Sep 2
Inspection Accepted: Sep 30
Loan Application: Sep 30
Loan Approval & Acceptance : Nov 18
Loan Advance: Nov 25

Not a speedy program by any means but a really great program from the Canadian government

OMFG the season finale of #Andor was amazing. If you haven’t tried it yet even if you’re not a Star Wars fan I would suggest it most highly.

Printed these cool mounts to hang up hat rack in the oldest room today. Had to scale them a bit to fit the stick snugly but seems to be working great. I ended up getting the printer on a lark and have found it more useful then I expected. #3DPrinting

Dinner rolls for tonight’s family chilli dinner. #baking

Super healthy dinner tonight, Tater Tot poutine.

Well these cupcakes did not turn out.