Well first #octoprint timelapse looks not too bad. Might need to play with the camera position (I’ve got a pi camera V3 coming as well). And probably get OctoLapse installed for better head positioning.

timelapse of a F14 tomcat model being printed on a Ender 3 v2

Wonder when the snow finally melted off the panels. #solar #solarpower #greenenergy

solar production graph showing a big increase

Trying to decide if I should try to setup octoprint for my Ender 3 V2. I love the cool timelapses that people get but I also don’t want to leave my printer on all the time. Maybe a smart switch that can turn the printer on before I send a job or something. #3dprinting #octoprint

Graph looks good until you look at the scale. Been a pathetic couple days of production with the snow covering the panels and cloud. #solar #solarpower #greenenergy

solar production graph showing very low production.

I have a crazy desire to back this Stagetop gaming table. I have 0 use for something like this as we don’t really play enough games but the desire to blow 50 bucks + all the filament and time is very high. #3dprinting

Tried out the PiPbot v1.1 from 3D Honza today. Turned out really cool, some wonkyness on the tracks from my printer stranding but overall really neat. #3dprinting #ender3v2

3D printed tank/bot sitting on wooden butcher block counter.

Finished The Last Graduate this morning on the dog walk. Another enjoyable read/listen. Maybe not quite as good as the first book but still really worth the price of admission (even when it required buying extra audible credits so I didn’t have to wait till next month)

Apparently someone is feeling snuggly this evening.

dog with her head on her humans arm.

Woot after getting my phone back from the repair the fitness app has gotten it’s head out of its ass

screen shot of apple watch showing the correct 2009 day move streak