Not a bad result from this Sunday bread bake. First loaves from the new sourdough starter I got from Kensington Sourdough. #baking #bread

2 loaves of fresh sourdough bread cooling on a hutcher block counter top.

Woot finalized my submission for the government grant and loan program. Now the final wait begins. #solar #greenebergy #solarenergy

@manton @help will turning off this setting stop cross posting to twitter and to mastodon? Or just twitter?

New #solar milestone yesterday in just over a month since install. We got our first net positive day. Solar generated 30 kWh and we used 29.1 kWh, had there not been a hour and a half of cloudy time the numbers would have looked even better. #solarpower #greenenergy

graph showing solar power generation for Feb 6/2023 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada where generation exceeds consuption.

New timelapse looks much better using Octolapse instead of the built in timelapse functionality of #octoprint #3dprinting

Well first #octoprint timelapse looks not too bad. Might need to play with the camera position (I’ve got a pi camera V3 coming as well). And probably get OctoLapse installed for better head positioning.

timelapse of a F14 tomcat model being printed on a Ender 3 v2

Wonder when the snow finally melted off the panels. #solar #solarpower #greenenergy

solar production graph showing a big increase

Trying to decide if I should try to setup octoprint for my Ender 3 V2. I love the cool timelapses that people get but I also don’t want to leave my printer on all the time. Maybe a smart switch that can turn the printer on before I send a job or something. #3dprinting #octoprint