Apparently someone is feeling snuggly this evening.

dog with her head on her humans arm.

Woot after getting my phone back from the repair the fitness app has gotten it’s head out of its ass

screen shot of apple watch showing the correct 2009 day move streak

Just finished listening to/reading “A Deadly Education” by Naomi Novak. Really an enjoyable story would highly recommend! I also really enjoyed her Temeraire series as well when I read it long ago 📚

Well fuck how did I screw that up, that’s not aggravating at all almost 5.5 years. Guess I’m starting all over again.

screen shot of a apple watch move streak record of 2003 days that i blew.

Decent production day today, the periods of cloud are amazingly visible.

graph of solar production from calgary, ab. showing amounts from 2023/01/21

Great production day. #solar #solarpower #greenenergy #yyc

solar energy production graph. showing 26kwh of generation for the day

Hit a new milestone with the solar array today. For the first time in the daylight hours I’m net positive. The panels have generated more then we’ve used (can’t wait to get a net positive day but still cool). #yyc #solar #solarpower #greenenergy

Graph showing solar power, consumption and energy balance in which the solar generation has exceeded the consumption.

Woot inverter company has fixed whatever was causing them to go offline. All panels producing (as much as they can on this cloudy day). Also got my follow up inspection booked to get the grant and loan money to come through. #yyc #solar #greenenergy #solarpower

screenshot of solar power monitorring app showing all panels producing

Solar stats are finally working at least somewhat for me to post stuff. Still working out an issue with the vendor of the inverters as they seem to be cutting in and out but have gotten at least some power fed out to the grid. #yyc #solar #greenenergy #solarpower

graph showing power feed from the grid and solar power.