Panel install complete, was too dark for the crew to energize it today. Should be spun up tomorrow. #solar #solarpower #greenenergy #yyc @solaryyc

Solar install happening right now. So excited to start microgenerating our own power. @solaryyc #solar #solarpower #greenenergy #yyc

In the last couple of weeks a construction fence has gone up around a storm water pound near our house. Today finally had the chance to walk by with the dog and saw the information about why, cool that the city is actively trying to control invasive species.

We're protecting the Bow River from invasive fish This winter, we're draining and freezing the storm pond to remove Prussian carp and goldfish to prevent them from reaching the Bow River. These fish are harmful to the environment. They alter habitats, outcompete native species for limited resources and spread disease. The pond will return to normal water levels next spring. You can help prevent the spread of invasive fish Never release fish or other animals into storm ponds. It's illegal and can result in fines. Learn more at lith the

3 generations taking in a hockey game.

Checked out a new city park today Griffith Woods Park. It was brisk but the falling snow made it super beautiful, and the dog really enjoyed all the new smells.

dog and child standing side by side in a snowy outdoor scene. activity map of outdoor walk in Griffiths Woods park.

The dog decided while we were out skating today to partake in some Christmas cheer.

gingerbread house partialky eaten by canine.

Knocking one off the holiday todo list. All the kitchen knives sharpened. These 3 are my favourites. 2 Masakage Yuki (gyuto and petty) and a nakiri (can’t remember the smith). All from Knifewear, can’t recommend them enough.

Number 1 TODO to get off my list on my 2 weeks off is to finally migrate my #HomeAssistant classic zwave integration to zwavejs. #HomeAutomation

Awesome our new (6 month old) range one of the burners now only has 2 settings. Off and 100% almost started a fire today. That will be fun to deal with after the holidays I’m sure.

The Christmas baking has been going well so far.